Snow & Ice Management Services

Our Services Include:

  • Plowing
  • Shoveling
  • Salting (Pre & Post)
  • Relocate Snow
  • Haul Snow Away
  • Deicing Services
  • Treated Salt
  • Liquid De-Icer

We work in all types of weather to assure that your customers, clients, employees and visitors have safe, reliable passage into your business, regardless of what nature can throw at us.

CDI Management Group’s customers are in small and large retail locations, shopping malls, banks, health care facilities, school, pre-schools, daycare, and office properties.

CDI Management Group’s approach to snow removal service is different from our competition.

*We contract every year with a meteorologist, who provides us with 24/7 weather forecasts. Storms can be forecasted as early as a month out, which allows us to anticipate staffing and supplies in advance so there are no delays reaching our customers when a storm hits.

CDI Management Group, LLC

*Our trucks are enabled with GPS service so that you can receive email or text alerts knowing that we are there taking care of your property. No need to worry that an overnight storm will prevent you from opening your business early the next morning.

*We work in all weather conditions and dispatch our crews as soon as the snow is plowable. We don’t wait for 2-3” to accumulate. We work all night if necessary to ensure that your parking lot is ready for you in the morning.

  • Instead of traditional rock salt, we use MELTMORE Treated De-Icer.
  • MELTMORE is an organic, biodegradable, water-soluble, eco-friendly solution that is perfect for areas where corrosion is an issue.
  • MELTMORE is effective to -20◦ F, which results in fewer applications.
  • MELTMORE doubles the effectiveness of straight rock salt, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride.
  • This solid granular de-icer is safe on concrete, pavers, landscaping, pets and the environment.

Snow plowing and removal is a precise service. We adapt our method of snow removal based upon the temperature, type of precipitation, and the speed in which the precipitation falls. We monitor our sites 24/7 during the winter to ensure that your parking lot is dry, clean and without refrozen ice patches.


When it comes to contracts for snow plowing and removal, our customers have options.

  • Seasonal contracts
  • Per Push contracts
  • Per Event contracts

“Our Business Is Keeping Your Business Running During the Worst Winter Weather.”

“Our Business Is Keeping Your Business Running During the Worst Winter Weather.”